Integrated Management System


At UTILAJE we uphold the compliance of rules and regulations demanded by the field, therefore we take pride in having a certification in ISO and OSHAS quality management standards. We modernize ourselves every day, adapting to the market’s needs and to the management efficiency it requires.


We are a logistic and port operator, leaders in design, implementation, and execution of comprehensive services.


To be a logistic and port operator who is a leader in the supply of effective and efficient solutions customized for our customers’ needs, granting creativity with technical competence, flexibility and dedication. To promote our staff’s participation and training, taking responsibility for our people and the environment and committing to sustainable development.


  • Ethics: We constantly promote a continuous practice of ethics at work through the development and maintenance of mutually loyal relationships with our workers, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole.
  • Trustworthiness: we keep a trustworthy relationship with our customers, suppliers and staff based on complying with agreements.
  • Proactivity: We keep a proactive attitude in order to provide customized solutions to our customers needs.
  • Innovation: We promote innovation in order to find new ways to increase our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Responsibility: Safety, Occupational Health and Care for the Environment are our Priorities; and we comply with all rules and regulations required in these fields. We work responsibly and coordinately to prevent human damage and occupational diseases. We work actively to prevent Environmental Pollution and /or mitigate its effects.
  • Dynamism: the structure of our organization allows us to have a quick and dynamic decision making process.
  • Fellowship: We promote collaboration and cooperation at work aiming at an environment characterized by its warmth, mutual trust and the sharing of achievements.
  • Protection: we permanently take care of our customers’ property. Our company is committed to not carrying out or covering up any illicit act or conduct.
  • Continuous improvement: We assume the commitment to comply with requirements and with the continuous improvement of our managing system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Utilaje - Quality Policies - ISO 9001:2008 Utilaje - Quality Policies - ISO 14001:2004 Utilaje - Quality Policies - ISO 18001:2007