Supremacy transformed into service

We are leaders in wind components’ cargo, operations, storage, and transportation. We specialize in oversized cargo and sensitive cargo such as power transformers, sailboats, ship propellers, etc.

Following the highest standards, at UTILAJE we offer services for the whole project cargo process. From the project’s design to global forwarding, storage and port operations, special transportation, mounting cranes, etc. We offer a temporary storage area, with limited access, security and surveillance, which allows us to develop operations for these kind of cargo in the safest and most fluid and efficient way.

At UTILAJE, we have the experience of having worked with customers such as GAMESA, NORDEX and VESTAS; our staff is trained in OSHAS standards and we have our own procedures for handling Project cargo; we count with machinery operators with more than 10 years experience and 2500 components moved; middle management trained in rules and regulations for the handling of safety operations; among others. We also have the ability to operate this cargo in Paraguay, Bolivia and other places in the region.

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