Added value as a habit

At UTILAJE we offer a complete service for special cargo, containers and general cargo, with our own equipment. Advantages of the National Customs Regime, together with our storing capacity allow us to be a benchmark Company when it comes to providing quality as part of our founding spirit: adding value to your Business.

We coordinate all export and import processes in order to offer a comprehensive service, where each customer has the widest control over its operations all along the supply chain. In this respect we provide back-up, guidance and profesional support –by designing and deploying innovative solutions– so that each customer obtains the best turnover from the operations in their Business.

We also have a 15.000 m2 area which allows us to receive empty or full containers, handle project cargo, stuffing of wood, leather, wool, stones, and others – stripping and transfer of palletized goods, bags, bales and more – as well as open air goods storage.

We seek to minimize operative costs and maximize turnover for the customers’ investment.

Utilaje - Logistic Services